Sandy Schreier – Hollywood Dressed & Undressed, a century of cinema style and Sandy Schreier’s Hollywood gets Married

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I cannot remember exactly but it must have been about 8 or 9 years ago that  I had a lovely dinner in Paris  with Sandy Schreier,  Alaia and Francoise Auget. Since that time Sandy has published 3 books and appeared on countless TV shows. She saw the article on me in the New York Times and sent me an e mail congratulating me on being famous. In reality I think that she is the one that is famous and I thought that you might enjoy hearing a bit about how she got to where she is today.

Hollywood Dressed & Undressed by Sandy Schreier, published in 1998 by Rizzoli

I am sure that Sandy would not mind if I took bits from her e mail and told them to you:

"Although I do not collect H’wood costume, unless designed by a French
couturier or fashion designer,
I started appearing on TV shows talking about H’wood costume back in the
late ’70’s and in 1997,
Rizzoli approached me to do a book.  HOLLYWOOD DRESSED & UNDRESSED came out
A BABY and also DESPERATELY SEEKING FASHION are on the boards.


Since the wedding book, (and even before) I have been speaking to every
museum, town hall,
conventions (doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.) and am signing contracts now
for these engagements
thru 2010!!!  The celeb element in the country is snowballing by the minute.
. such escapism!


Sandy Schreier as seen on artnet, she has become a major lender to the Met’s Costume Institute, here she is in Philadelphia at the Schiaparelli opening.



P.S. Coming soon Ben’s report from Capetown and Filep’s report from Athens.

Diane Pernet

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