Take Hirakawa and his beautiful smile and thoughts about Christopher Walken in Dead Zone

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Perhaps I seem a bit nostalgic these past few days what with a visit from my old friend Horatio Goni yesterday and posting a picture today of Take Hirakawa and his beautiful smile.


I love this picture of Take,  it makes him look like a little school boy and you would be hard placed to find someone with  more beautiful teeth. Take and I go back to Tokyo in 1985 when I was a designer and he was writing a piece on me. Aside from working on a project, what brought him to mind was the fact that the other night I went to see a film with my friend Christophe Billet ,  Burma holiday photos , and it starred Christopher Walken.  The film, Dead Zone by David Cronenberg and written by Stephen King was shot in 1983 featuring Christopher Walken. While I was watching the film I had no idea that it had been shot more than 20 years ago and could not get over the fact of how young Christopher Walken looked.I was wondering what magic potion he must have been taking to achieve such a result. At any rate I love Christopher Walken and his tall hair. Usually he always sneaks in a little bit where he dances a few steps  but not in this one, he was on crutches through most of the film.



Diane Pernet

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