Tinko Czetwertynski stops by for a chat

Tue 09/08/2005 22:23 DianePERNET(982)
Tue 09/08/2005 22:23 DianePERNET(982)
Tinko Czetwertynski stopped by for a chat. He was showing me a website of some Brazilian friends in Rio that he would like to write about for you. Tinko is a wicked graphist and video editor, he edited my Eley Kishimoto Gumball film, A Shaded View on Adventure of Pleasure.

I was thinking while looking at their website that there is one country and 2 cities all starting with a B that have yet to properly invite me to their fashion weeks: Brazil (Sao Paulo), Buenos Aires and Beirut. I’d like to visit all three.



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