YoshikoCreationsParis and her collaboration with REGAL shoes and a picture of Tiffany (stylist for the Chapels AS FOUR video on my site when she was 9)

-Dear Shaded Viewers,

As you probably know I am a strong supporter of Yoshiko Kajitani and her Yoshiko Creations. The other day when I saw my friends Pierre Marie and Nicolas they told me that now she was also doing shoes.Here is an image of Yoshiko herself and a few examples of the collaboration with Regal (the Ralph Lauren of Japan).


You can see Yoshiko’s jewelry on her site.

I never saw Yoshiko in traditional dress, you probably have not either. For those of you wondering what Kanako’s talented daughter TIffany looks like, here she is today. Probably she styled herself out of Kanako’s shopping for i-D. I am proud to say that I gave her her first styling credit at the age of 9, and she was wicked. Have a look.


Yoshiko on top and Tiffany wearing Adiadas and Laurent Mercier. TIffany loves the film Virgin Suicides, listens to Nirvana and plays guitar and makes video clips on Kanako’s Mac and she has her own website but only her friends are invited to visit. Obviously she has a very bright future.

Now that I think about it It was with Kanako several years ago that I first met Yoshiko. I think that it was at an i-D party at Totem.

Diane Pernet

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