Ute Ploier – AW 2005/06 photo’s by Bernd Preiml

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I’ve been meaning to show you the images from the current Uta Ploier collection: PIONEERS:


all photo’s are by Bernd Preiml
model:  Nick Oberthaler
design is by Rosebud, Inc.

Ute Ploier won the men’s collection award several years ago at the Festival d’Hyeres. I believe this to be her best collection to date. This was supported by Unit-F in Vienna.

Later, Diane

P.S. In a time when ugly racism is reaching untold heights and a well known PR living between Paris and London with Indian roots is afraid to wear his Walkman on the street for fear that  someone might think he’s going to detonate a bomb, it is reassuring to read a success story involving Fatty Koo, Toby Gad, apple power book and the John Lennon Educational Tour bus. Click her for more. 

Diane Pernet

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