Double Trouble in Iceland and the real story behind the Iceland fashion week

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I’ve already posted images of the Icelandic fashion shows, one was the lingerie show on the beach in the rain and cold with the models of all ages and shapes and the others were from the main Iceland Fashion Week event which in fact only featured one Icelandic designer, who, from what I’ve seen, is far from the best indication of Icelandic fashion.


While Robb Young and I were walking around Reykjavik we discovered that all of the sculptures in the city looked either lonely, sad or depressed. Here is an image on the Iceland Fashion Week runway, the woman in the jacket is Kolla, the organizer for the event and basically the woman that bought the name Iceland Fashion Week. Judging by what we saw, Iceland Fashion Week does not exist.


Joseph from New York’s Seven asked Robb and I if we would like to attend Iceland Fashion Week because he wanted to give Kolla our names, he did and we did.


Our initial contact with the Icelandic fashion week was with the designer behind the label Ugly by H,  Harpa Einarsd

Diane Pernet

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