Studio Bercot & Erin Fetherston and Bless N. 26 cable jewellery, the installation that I missed at Colette

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Studio Bercot show was a bit on the nostalgic side.


Erin Fetherston showed an Alice in Wonderland collection that reminded one a bit of Gone with the Wind, you know  the scene where the curtain gets ripped down and turned into a gown?

Outside Colette a few Bless workers were taking paper bags full of cable jewellery back to the atelier.

I spent hours trying to find
my black pearl ring which I seemed to have lost somewhere on my travels today. Finally gave up on that and went to see the Bless N. 26 cable Jewellery window at Colette only to find out that it had just been dismantled. I had seen bits of it at their atelier a few weeks ago. The idea behind the collection is to decorate the cables you usually try to hide and to make them more glamorous. Transformed cables are available in different styles reaching from bejeweled versions with crystal stones, pearls or bangle busters over wooden cubes and attached lace braids to fur, they have made covers for your mobile battery chargers as well. If you are in Berlin you might want to visit their shop Mulackstrasse 38, 10119 Berlin, In Paris visit COlette and otherwise I direct you to their site.

Later, Diane

Diane Pernet

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