More romain kremer at fondation cartier

Thu 07/07/2005 22:16 DianePERNET(771)
Thu 07/07/2005 22:16 DianePERNET(771) My favorite – the blue woman.
Thu 07/07/2005 22:22 DianePERNET(772)
Thu 07/07/2005 22:22 DianePERNET(772)

Thu 07/07/2005 22:25 DianePERNET(773)
Thu 07/07/2005 22:25 DianePERNET(773) They exited the performance by way of the elevator
Thu 07/07/2005 22:30 DianePERNET(774)
Thu 07/07/2005 22:30 DianePERNET(774) Romain Kremer in the shadow talking to Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto.

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