Dris Van Noten and Kris Van Asshe

Sat 02/07/2005 20:33 DianePERNET(660)Img_6279

Sat 02/07/2005 20:33 DianePERNET(660)

Maybe I already told you this but I really liked Kris Van Assche’s show. I thought that he took things further than the very classic and safe debut collection. Now he looks totally ready to take over as a creative director at either house, YSL or Gucci. I’m not saying this is happening, all I am saying is that it would be a great idea. I loved the volume of his romantic shirts and also the cropped trousers. I could have lost a few of the umbrellas, one or two would have been enough to get the point across. Anyway, good show, I can hear the cash registers ringing.


Diane Pernet

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