KASHPOINT – Robb Young reports from LONDON 26/6/05


‘Kashpoint’ is one of London’s underground prerequisites.  Friday was the final party staged until later in the fall.  As if the normal Kashpoint parade isn’t already enough, Matthew Glamorre, the organiser decided the theme would be The Emperor’s New Clothes.  You know the one – a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about an emperor so vain that he met his subjects stark naked after being duped by two rogue weavers who tricked him with the finest of ‘invisible’ clothes.



Timed with the Scandinavian celebration of the Midsomer’s Solstice, most of the punters were gracious enough to not interpret the theme literally.  There were of course a few odd birds who’d use any excuse to get their kit off and bare their bits. But luckily, most opted to inject their usual look with the ooomph factor instead.  Not so lucky however for those in translucent white silk like coats like yours truly (the one Rachel wears in my last posting far below), since others decided to go for neon body paint and melted electrical tape.  Not the kind of stains they were thinking of when they invented Stainstick…

Kash7bodypaint1_1 Kash7bodypaint2_1

And the ‘glitteratti’…

Kashpoint5sparlkes2 Kashpoint5sparlkes1 Kashpoint5sparlkes3

Upcoming no-man’s-land designer Andres Ros – having just witnessed some of the brazen bits we could’ve done without and was duly stunned.  Poor chap. 


Look out – who said London fashion’s looking lackluster these days??  Carri Mundane, formerly half of the duo "Normal & Mundane" is bursting the Mercury.  Set the barometer ladies and gentleman.  Stylist for MIA who’s on every bloody magazine cover these days and head seamstress for her own brand, Cassette Playa.  I’d dare say this ‘slimming frock’ isn’t one of her own creations though…

Kash1 Kash22


This PA was ace.  Storming the stage as it should be – ragga-electro, rap, rhyme and grime.  Wish I knew which band it was.  Have to consult the authorities…




Koy, a friendly face from back in Tokyo at least 6-7 years ago.  Small world: turns up at Kashpoint in London in bizarre yashmak straight from Dubai where she’s been exposing the destruction of the Gulf coral reef by developers of billion dollar islands.  Keep in mind this one used to be inseparable from her adopted tree monkey child that sat permanently perched on Koy’s shoulder – until he passed away last year apparently.  Well.

Kash17monsters Kash8loucheonthedancefloor

Some squalor on the basement dancefloor.  Amongst a few angels…


Kash16battleoftheblondes2 Kash8loucheondancefloor3

The battle of the blondes:  DJ JonJo and mystery boy.







Giving Isabella Blow a run for her money.  Not.  Really.

I’ll leave the last word to Kashpoint’s very own ‘unusual’ Matthew Glamorre: