Martin Webb reports from Tokyo last weekend in Tokyo entry 1

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Our new correspondent from Tokyo reports in, pictures will follow…

Last Weekend in Tokyo
Entry 1

On Thursday LVMH-operated members only boutique Celux put on  little soiree for Oliver Goldsmith at where the gossip was all about the first ever Tokyo Fashion Week which is set to start from S/S 06 season.

The burning question is wheterh U.S> fashion week organizers IMG Fashion will agree to work with the bunch of indolent wrinklies who serially mismanage the shambolic six
week-long Tokyo Collections and the chronically out-of-touch textile
manufacturers’ lobby which has managed to wring cash out of the
government to suport the event.

The timing of the event is still under discussion, but top insiders
say October 17th – the Monday after Paris wraps up – is their preferred
start date.

I did, however, hear one person in the know say that IMG might want
to stage the Tokyo shows the week following L.A. Fashion Week (Oct.
31-Nov. 4).

Friday marked the start of Japan’s rainy season and a steady drizzle put a bit of a damper on the evening’s events.

Held at Factory
was a party orchestrated by artist Kei Kagami, the man behind Milkman,
a t-shirt line which features images of disembodied heads being stabbed
with bananas.


Factory buyer Minami-San with Moreno and friend on top, Kagami Kai in the green apron and Tomoko Kondo.

The shop staff wore Starbucks barista-style uniforms and served coffee cocktails in paper cups inscribed with a circular green "Art Coffee" logo.

There were a handful of Tokyo-based designers among the party-goers including Silvester Ribbon’s Maggie James. This is a -director Seki-kum and BLAH BLAH BLAH duo Miku and XXXX Miku told me that extra sensory explorer Matthew Barney will be in Japan next week.


Maggie James in Silvester Ribbon, Seki-kum in green jacket, BLAH BLAH BLAH duo Kiyota and Miku


Factory kids, Naoki also in attendance were relentless partiers Nicole (Restir), Cyril (Caniche Courage) and Missla (Post Normal).

More pics to follow…

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