More designer hotel rooms in Brussels

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Here are a few more of the designer hotel rooms at the Warwick Hotel in Brussels. As I was wondering where one slept in Haider’s room, Ninette Murk sent me his bed, it is the very dark room on the left, the room next to his with the pink is Nicolas  Woit. The next two white rooms were designed by two designers that do a lot of wedding dresses,  Nina Meert did the one with the canoe style bed and the one that looks like a surreal version of Picnic at Hanging Rock was designed by Kaat Tilley.Pascale Kervan did the black and white art deco inspiration.


In all there are ten rooms and they also do a high tea with pastries designed to visually fit with each room. Sounds great to me.So if you find yourself in Brussels this weekend for the La Cambre show, you might want to pass by. Meanwhile you can have a virtual tour of the rooms:

Take care, Diane

P.S> Glenn is going to be posting another exciting report from NYC very soon, stay tuned.
P.S.S. Anybody in Paris find a beautifully aged brown leather Dunhill agenda/billfold with my life in it?   No money in it, just crucial information for my life, like the pin codes that I never bothered to memorize and now how do I turn off my phone, for one thing…
P.S.S.S. This weekend Ninette Murk will be covering the first Dutch fashion biennial in Arnhem. She has offered to write it up for you and to send some photographs as well, so there you have something else to look forward to. Ninette will present her DAA t-shirts for the first time in Arnhem.

P.S.S.S.S. If you live in Paris, love photography or art,  you will have the opportunity to meet  Sebastiao Salgado  at ARTAZART   on Tuesday, June 14th. He will be there to launch his new book and dedicate one to you if you so desire. The new book is  called "l’homme et l’eau" .

ARTAZART – La librairie de la cr

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