LONDON DIARY, 6 June 2005, by Robb Young: ‘The Dracula Hours’

To Diane’s shaded readers:

Well.  I thought I’d follow fellow contributor Glenn Belverio’s lead with a bawdy narrative out this weekend.  I’d make a grand debut with a tell-all report and a few titallating snaps from my exploits with clubland’s cream-of-the-crop cohorts and my usual gang of trouble.  Surely, I could match Glenn’s night in New York’s dusty old Roxy with one of my Dracula hour tours of thrillseeking London.  Relive the days of competitive clubbing!?! Well, it just so happens that I didn’t.  Not even close. 

What I hadn’t realised is that I’d lose the plot quite so completely – even before departing the house.  But in fact, I had already forgotten my camera.  And to make matters worse, our usual 48-hour long nocturnal excursion was cut short by a warning from the gods of my excesses… in the form of a pounding, killer, gargantuan migraine that paid me a visit after the first club closed and we were back doing a private dance interlude (and degenerate ‘conversation’) at my flat.

So what remains are the visual scraps – myself and a few other minimalelectrohouse left-overs from the Foreign Muck party at The Key who had stumbled back into my flat some time around sunrise today.

Slim pickings indeed but a laugh and a half with the kids all the same.

Until I can do justice to my ‘reputation’ on the scene (ha!), I leave you for now…  Tail between his legs, Robb Young

"Introducing the addictive Assia Rosica – right hand of Pauric Sweeney who has begun carving out a bag empire. Rumor has it Pauric’s relocating to Italy to kick the business up a notch. "

"Adonis Kentros worshiping the new physique of our very own Sharon – formerly one of this town’s foremost counter-culture magazine stylists; presently top law student; and future lady
bodybuilding sensation.  Rei Kawakubo had better start grading an
extra size as this adorable little hellion has ambition the size of
her favorite Ms. Shemuscle stars’ biceps!"

Assia & Angeliki
Silver & Gold — Watch out Athens – Angeliki Chryssanthakopoulou is heading home to take Greek fashion by storm after dedicating long enough to Harvey Nichols London. She’ll be missed. Sniffle.