Olivier Bobin chez moi

Thu 05/05/2005 19:10 DianePERNET(002)
Thu 05/05/2005 19:10 DianePERNET(002) Olivier Bobin, as you can see this is only the 2nd image with the new mobile.

Not enought light for my mobile but this is designer Olivier Bobin. He stopped by today for a tea. He showed me the dossier that he had presented to Hyeres. I would have been happy to have seen him there but then again, I was happy to see him here.

After Olivier left I had a call from Romain Kremer. We had fun laughing over the whole Hyeres experience. It was a bit nostalgic so I thought that I’d give you a rerun of our adventure in Hyeres. Romain won the prize for Creativity last week.


Take care, Diane

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