Ellie Uyttenbroek and Ari Versluis Exactitudes Expo

Sun 01/05/2005 12:34 Image(673)
Sun 01/05/2005 12:34 Image(673)

I had one of my more fascinating moments talking to the two of them. I first encountered their work when I was making a video for Gwand and Haider Ackermann brought in their book as a reference for the edit.

Ari is the photographer and Ellie works on the casting and their huge archives. I like the fact that their work is always changing, documenting different codes of dress, let’s say listing the tribes. It is a document of our times and will continue into our future. He took my photo but I told Ari that I did not want to end up on a page with a series of women that looked like me. Fortunately for me I have yet to be cloned and trust that I never will be.

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