Daniel Buren Remembering at Yvon Lambert

Dear Shaded Viewers,

An interesting film piece will be shown at the Yvon Lambert Gallery documenting Daniel Buren’s memory of what it felt like to have his piece removed from the exhibition at the  Guggenheim Museum.


This will be the 5th exhibition of Jonathan Monk In Place and Out of Place, from May 20 to June 18, 2005. 
The artist will present a video installation and new sculptures. "The idea is very simple, I film Daniel as he tries to remember what it felt like having his work censored and removed from the Sixth Guggenheim International in 1971.
Is it possible to film someone’s recollection without a flash back?  Judd, Flavin and Heizer ganged up on the weak Curators to have Buren

Diane Pernet

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