Charles Anastase opening at Galerie Baumet Sultana&Sylvie Fleury at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac and the Imaginary Friends Pary

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night I gave an appointment to my friend Clayton Burkhart to meet me at the opening of Charles Anastase at the new Galerie Baumet Sultana.

Alban with his Banana Jesus illustration by Charles Anastase


The artist, Charles Anastase who will soon be moving to London, pity for Paris


Fumiko Imano in what I assume is Charles Anastase’s strawberry necklace


Guillaume Sultana and Stephane Baumet, the owners of Galerie Baumet Sultana


Graphic designer and member of WigWigWig, Pierre-Marie Agin wearing…WigWigWig


Designer Nicolas Andreas Taralis

A final good bye to more friends as Clayton and I went off to the opening for Sylvie Fleury at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac.


Melodie Wolf with Pierre-Marie, Nicolas and Voin, where was Olivier Bobin?


The artist, Sylvie Fleury we had a little chat about mushrooms in Switzerland


Clayton Burkhart in front of Sylvie Fleury’s erotic mushroom patch


DP under one of Sylvie Fleury’s  magic mushroom umbrellas with an amazing automobile finish. Photo by Clayton Burkhart

It was really funny, I ran into Bernhard Willhelm and took a few images we were laughing a lot because in one of them he looks quite Chinese, what do you think?

Bernhard Willhelm looking Chinese


Bernhard Willhelm, I missed the peace sign because I was too slow and someone already brought him the champagne glass.

Pierre Hardy dropped by, man of the beautiful platform shoes. He is preparing a five year retrospective at the 20th  festival d’Hyeres.

Then it was off to the Imaginary Friends party by CAP&PEP, COLETTE AND LA JOHNSON with prizes for the best hairy imaginary friend, best shaved imaginary friend and many more prizes ending up with the best amazing upcoming imaginary friends.


the entry to the Imaginary Friends party by CAP&PEP, Colette and La Johnson

I know that Sarah does not like her picture taken but here I don’t think that she will really mind, that is Colette in the background and of course the two of them are Colette.

The rabbit that looked like he stepped out of Gummo was my absolute favorite costume but the blond from the living dead was pretty close.

He was great I just could not get enough distance to get his ears in

She is pretty amazing from her clouded eyes to her destroyed nails

Colette’s own Australian Hot Tomato


In real life he owns a gallery in the 6eme

My friend Jody Johnson,photographer and her friends the Guillaume and Stephane of Galerie Baumet Sultana
Fantastic Man’s Ghert Jonkers and fashion world’s music man Michel Gaubert



I liked this groups good energy and cheers for all their favorite fantasy hero’s.

Then I ran into my old Dutch magazine friends

Teddy Czopp sporting a sweat shirt that he bought in Tokyo we were laughing over the phrases that make no sense.

Zeva and her friend

When I was leaving I ran into Colette’s handsome PR, Guillaume Salmon, he said that I walked right passed him without saying hello, well to tell you the truth it was not easy to recognize him.


Guillaume Salmon from Colette, would you have recognized him?

Diane Pernet

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