George Torres Walker and Clayton Burkhart -reminder for Titus Expo on his personal uniforms

Wed 30/03/2005 19:47 Image(466)
Wed 30/03/2005 19:47 Image(466)

George Walker and Clayton Burkhart

It was a very funny night. I was home with my friend John when I got a call from Clayton who told me that tonight David Francis was doing a reading at the Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore on 22 rue St. Paul 75004 from his novel Agapanthus Tango and asked me if I felt like joining him. I did. John and I went over there and just as we got in front of the book store Penelope Le Masson, one of the owners of the shop, was locking the door. She told us that she was not aware of any reading in the shop that night. I thought that was strange but as mercury is in retrograde, it seemed par for the course. She reopened the shop and I was able to purchase a copy of the book. A few minutes later David came down the street and soon Cornell Collins, the L A designer that I had met a few nights ago arrived and then George and Clayton. There was no reading but we followed Penelope home and met her two beautiful children and her husband. In fact I knew both Penelope and her husband via another writer friend, Lara Calder.

Later, Diane

P.S. For those interested in the uniforms of Titus, pictured below, please note:


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