The Gorgeous Suffering Of Painter Mandy Kalajian


Artist Mandy Kalajian displays a unique take on what looks to be pain & suffering in her beautifully rendered paintings, often delving into subject matter where her models are twisting & tormenting themselves, or in the case of the pictured work above literally being stepped on. At first glance one might think that her art is the product of a tortured soul, but in fact, Kalajian is a lovely, slightly demure young woman who just happens to have a bit of a dark side that she chooses to gorgeously expose in her work. Check out more of her at – Walt Cessna

  • Nunzia

    Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    xxx N

  • Dear Diane,
    Thanks for mixing fashion and art in your reportage. I wish we could see more of that in the media. They are some overtones of Lucien Freud in this painting. Very interesting.