HENRIK VIBSKOV SS25 – Visual Reveries Where Compassion Blooms


A vision of light – The Orchestra of the Soft Assistance, hand in hand. A muted embrace choreographing textures and patterns. Together we stand in understanding and find ourselves delving into a theatrical runway experience. Henrik Vibskov’s SS25 reflects on a harmonious blend of emotion and adaptability.

Soft, flowing fabrics in pastels and earth tones whispered of tenderness. Silks, knits, and lightweight wools echoed the fluidity of human emotions, conveying a tale of compassion and shared experiences. As an octopus – or any inner animal you may identify – fluid silhouettes morphed into nature, blending seamlessly with the rhythm of grace. An emotional landscape embracing versatility, the power of adaptability in an ever-changing world. As a metaphorical flexibility, Henrik Vibskov’s SS25 nudged wearers to embrace change and foster empathy in a fast-paced, unpredictable world.

Climbing ropes punctuating the visual demonstration channeled our inner dormant adventurer trait. Remember the time you went on a hike in the subway? Patterns on patterns as a re-birth, a way of reinventing ourselves, is perhaps the core essence of the collection. A mad crush for the light blue layered ensemble, a deconstructed suit for our urban endeavor.

More than just a quest for ideals, Henrik Vibskov transposed beliefs into action with over 85.1% of the garments crafted from at least 50% certified fibers – a flex in eco-friendly certifications when some of us struggle to identify the recycling yellow bin.

Through conceptual exploration, Henrik Vibskov’s SS25 unveiled an ecosystem beyond aesthetics where compassion and versatility can grow. In empathy, our true selves show.

Melissa Alibo

Raised between Paris and the rest of the world, Melissa likes to define herself as a contemporary nomad. Less routine, more life is her motto. Curiosity has always driven her desire to explore new environments, cultures, and ways of life.