PHILEO’s New Boutique in Paris. Words by Eliya Weinstein

Dear Shaded viewers,

Philéo Landowski may be the youngest shoe designer ever, establishing his brand PHILEO before his 18th birthday. It was almost immediately taken in by Dover Street Market, and since 2019 is available in over 35 luxury stores and distributors across Asia and Europe. Last month, Philéo opened his first independent boutique in Paris. 40 Rue Dauphine in the 6th Arrondissement is now home to PHILEO’s current collection, special projects, and an in-store exclusive artisanal line.

PHILEO’s vision is centered on the architecture of the shoe. Each shape is based on dynamic perception. Not only the movement of each step taken but the lasting impression that the shoe leaves in the mind once footprints are left behind. Materials and textures push the engineering possibilities of shoemaking to new capabilities. Not only in sustainable practices and ecological impact but in the visual and tactile experience of each model.

Part of the mission for opening the PHILEO boutique is to have the freedom to collaborate and highlight artists of various mediums who share the same vision for craftsmanship. The rosewood cabinets of the store are the backdrop for the shoes, as well as art that has gained the admiration of Philéo himself.

Ceramicist Clara Valdes was therefore the first artist invited to the boutique to showcase her works. Valdes handcrafts tableware, candleholders, and bowls, with raw forms that echo gestures of the hand. Each step of her creative process is rooted in the natural world, taking inspiration from untouched elements of the earth and reusing materials, allowing their functions to evolve. Her small-scale production welcomes imperfections and she strives for each detail to come from her very own two hands.