Objet Trouve: Sebastian A. de Ruffray’s Fusion of Fashion, Sustainability, and Artistic Innovation at Fondazione Sozzani Paris till February 24, 2024

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Sebastian A. de Ruffray is not just a fashion designer, but a visionary at the helm of SEVALI, a Parisian fashion brand deeply committed to sustainable development. Sebastian, having honed his craft through studies in Milan and Saint Martins in London, has forged a unique path centered around recycling and artisanal techniques.

In a captivating dialogue with Sebastian A. De Ruffray during his inaugural solo exhibition in Paris, titled “Objet Trouve,” the designer embarks on a journey to explore diverse realms of expression through design and upcycling. At the heart of this showcase are found t-shirts transformed into haute couture pieces, challenging the very essence of garments and luxury in fashion. Collaborating with skilled embroiderers in India, he tasked them with treating his t-shirts with the same precision reserved for haute couture creations.

The exhibition, Objet Trouve, prompts a profound contemplation on the purpose of fashion – is it crafted for wear or destined to adorn walls as art? Sebastian seamlessly integrates logos sourced from t-shirts discovered in Paris, Berlin, and Chile, leveraging different thread qualities. The result is a fusion of culture and craftsmanship, inviting viewers to ponder whether these creations are meant to be donned or admired as artwork.

Catch this thought-provoking exhibition at Fondazione Sozzani, 22 rue Marx Dormoy 75018, until 24-02-2024. It’s an opportunity to witness the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and artistic innovation brought to life by Sebastian A. de Ruffray.



Diane Pernet

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