Dutch Emerging: Ruben Janssen X GRA Fashion Bachelor 2023

From the back to the middle and around again — Ria’s wedding dress, Alan’s patterns and John’s model:

‘My project is an investigation into evolution, explored through prisms of biology, computation and a poetic personal narrative, shifting between timescales on an evolutionary timeline.

On a smaller timescale, I examined the idea of family as a microscopic fractal image within an evolutionary lineage. I place this idea in the present and recent past, by recreating the silhouette of my grandmother’s wedding dress as an artefact of my own family in an evolutionary timeline.

I connect this recent past to a distant future, by inserting the silhouette into a computational model I developed based on Conway’s “Game of Life”. The program transforms the shape into unexpected and abstract forms, taking inspiration from the tiny four-legged furry land creature that evolved into the modern whale, mapping out the fictional lineage that forms the basis of my collection.

Turing patterns, natural patterns such as stripes and spots, inspired the prints that are combined with the silhouettes; as morphogenic snapshots on an overarching evolutionary film roll.

Through this project, I invite you to take a moment to consider the beautiful complexities that connect life, including yourself.’

– Ruben Janssen, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Fashion Department 2023



Photos © Ruben Janssen

Talent selected by Oficina Gabardine X DUTCH EMERGING


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