LFW SS’24 Shibori Reimagined: JU-NNA’s Fusion Alchemy by Leticia Dare


Dear Shaded Viewers,


In the pulsating heart of fashion’s ever-evolving cosmos, where tradition meets trailblazing innovation, JU-NNA shines as a supernova of creative brilliance. Founded by the visionary Jun Nakamura in 2019, this label orchestrates a symphony of cultural juxtapositions, redefining the very essence of Japanese Shibori craftsmanship in the context of contemporary design. Picture this: a transcendental journey where Shibori, the time-honored Japanese art form, is reborn, and where the past meets the future with a seismic fashion quake.

JU-NNA is a dreamworld where Nakamura’s journey through the annals of the Japanese kimono industry and the dynamic rhythm of Tokyo’s fashion scene culminate in an aesthetic revelation. His journey illuminates every stitch, and the garments breathe with the spirit of two worlds colliding—a cultural collision in the best sense of the word.

At the beating heart of JU-NNA’s narrative lies a compelling partnership with Asian artisans, and together, they’ve done the unthinkable—reinvented Shibori. Traditionally, Shibori was the laborious hand-binding of fabrics, stitching patterns with painstaking precision. But now, it’s undergone a metamorphosis, traversing from the hushed sanctuaries of kimono-making to the audacious domain of printed fabrics. Shibori’s patterns entangle with modern prints, giving birth to an entirely new aesthetic universe, with 3D forms as their intergalactic offspring.

This season, Nakamura unveils a collection inspired by Maria Bartuszová’s “Alternating Rhythm” sculpture and the eternal cadence of water. Imagine, if you will, a collision of artistic transcendence and serenity—the pulse of London’s avant-garde fashion scene entwined with the Zen-like elegance of Japanese design. It’s as if the two forces are locked in an eternal dance, and the result is nothing short of mesmerizing.

This collection pushes boundaries not only in terms of technique but also in material selection. Sheer jersey, organza, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics intermingle in a harmonious blend, adding an unexpected twist to the narrative. It’s as if Nakamura has mastered the art of material alchemy, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

JU-NNA beckons us to enter a parallel universe where Shibori, steeped in history, is reborn in a blaze of contemporary glory. It’s a sartorial revolution, an alchemical transformation of tradition into the avant-garde. This is where the future of fashion collides with its storied past, resulting in a fusion of cosmic proportions, and JU-NNA is at the helm, steering us through the fashion universe’s uncharted territories. This is the future.

Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.