BEVZA NYFW SS24: A Reverie of Ukrainian Tradition and Eco-Elegance by Leticia Dare


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In the heart of New York City’s fashion epicenter, BEVZA, the Ukrainian vanguard, made an awe-inspiring return to the runway this September, with founder Svitlana Beza casting a spell with her SS24 collection. This was not just a fashion show; it was a soul-stirring homage to ancestral roots and a fervent ode to a generation in touch with its conscience.

A Symphony of White and Marigold: Ukrainian Heritage Unveiled

BEVZA’s SS24 saga is woven from the threads of pristine white—a canvas on which they inscribe a vivid chronicle. Yet, it’s the marigolds, hallowed blooms from Ukraine’s storied past, that transcend the narrative. Known as Chornobryvets in Ukrainian folklore, these flowers, long celebrated by poets and people alike, represent optimism and resurgence.

The personal connection Svitlana Beza shares with these marigolds is what infuses the collection with its intimate magic. “Marigolds were my grandfather’s cherished companions. For two decades on my Kyiv balcony, I nurtured the seeds he bequeathed me. Though circumstances led me away from my homeland, his memory endures within me. My fervent wish is to see these blossoms bloom far and wide.”

Nature’s Whisper: Tulip Petals and Spikelets

Delicate tulip petals, whispering of nature’s fragility, adorn skirts and dress hems, creating an enchanting spectacle of tenderness. Spikelets, emblematic of fertility and rebirth, grace bag hardware and jewelry, adding exquisite detail to the collection’s narrative.

Youth, Sustainability, and Unswerving Devotion

SS24 embodies three core tenets: youth, sustainability, and unflinching dedication. BEVZA pays homage to the venerable traditions of Ukrainian craftsmanship, harmoniously fusing them with contemporary design, resulting in intricate handmade details that bridge the past and the present.

The sustainability heartbeat of BEVZA resonates throughout the collection, with a pioneering use of zero-waste fabric technology that underscores their steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility.

BEVZA’s mission extends beyond the confines of the runway—it’s a proclamation of preserving and creating employment opportunities in Ukraine while being a beacon of national pride on the global stage. Their dedication to the betterment of Ukraine stands unswayed.

In a world yearning for beauty, tradition, and meaning, BEVZA’s SS24 collection offers a symphony in response. As they boldly traverse the realms of innovation and sustainability, their roots remain firmly anchored in the timeless tapestry of Ukraine’s rich heritage.





Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.