A Triumphant Homecoming at 3.Paradis SS 24 PFW by Leticia Dare


Dear Shaded Viewers,


Emeric Tchatchoua, the visionary Creative Director of 3.Paradis, embarked on an extraordinary homecoming for the brand’s milestone 10th anniversary runway debut. Returning to his childhood neighborhood nestled within Paris’ 15th arrondissement, now adorned with a revitalized community garden, Tchatchoua set ablaze a beacon of hope and social progress that resonated with the vibrant younger generation in the vicinity. This profound mission became the lifeblood that illuminated an exceptional collection, unveiled before our eyes with breathtaking finesse.

As the models confidently strutted down the runway, an undeniable electricity surged through the air. It was a palpable manifestation of purpose and triumph, an emotional crescendo that left no doubt about the significance of this moment. Tchatchoua astutely drew parallels, likening this remarkable occasion to the NBA draft day—an analogy that perfectly captured the culmination of years of unwavering dedication, converging to actualize a lifelong dream. The ensembles, characterized by commanding broad shoulders, paid homage to the awe-inspiring physique of NBA players, emphasizing the collection’s central narrative of embracing one’s inherent potential and transcending personal limits.

The collection unfolded like a symphony of sartorial mastery, each piece a note in the grand composition. Impeccably tailored suits exuded an air of refined sophistication, their lines and proportions expertly crafted to evoke a sense of empowerment. Swarovski-embellished jeans and gradient-hued baseball jackets injected a playful touch of opulence, adding an unexpected twist to the narrative. The collaboration with artist Edgar Plans introduced an irresistible whimsical allure, with childlike doodles dancing across the garments, creating a captivating juxtaposition of art and fashion.

Amidst the multitude of captivating creations, one garment emerged as a standout—a gray hoodie emblazoned with the phrase “Window 24 of Opportunity” beneath a Windows XP-inspired motif. This piece was a true embodiment of the collection’s profound message, urging us to seize the boundless potential that lies before us and daring us to embrace the unknown. It served as a potent reminder that the path to success is often found by embracing the uncharted territories of possibility.

Tchatchoua’s visionary approach extended beyond clothing, as he meticulously curated a captivating assortment of accessories. The much-anticipated debut of the brand’s first line of bags, aptly named “Attache,” effortlessly blended nostalgia and contemporary flair, drawing inspiration from Tchatchoua’s father’s vintage briefcase. The footwear collaboration with J.M. Weston added a personal touch, reimagining classic styles with the brand’s signature sky blue soles and embellished uppers adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Collaborations took center stage, amplifying the impact of the collection. Rimowa’s suitcases, adorned with delicate dove motifs, became a powerful symbol of 3.Paradis’ enduring legacy and insatiable wanderlust. The co-branding with Air Jordan resulted in a striking jersey for the esteemed Paris Saint-Germain football club, seamlessly merging the realms of sport and style into a harmonious fusion that left spectators in awe.

Spring 2024 marked a turning point for 3.Paradis, not only as a milestone in their illustrious journey but also as a guiding light for the next generation. Emeric Tchatchoua’s profound vision, fueled by gratitude and an unwavering desire to uplift others, reverberated through every meticulously crafted stitch and embellishment. This unforgettable collection spoke volumes, passionately urging us all to embrace the boundless opportunities that lie ahead, daring us to soar to new horizons. It embodied the very essence of the brand’s ten-year anniversary—a celebration of growth, resilience, and the limitless power of dreams.

In Tchatchoua’s own words, “This collection is a reflection of our journey towards realizing our dreams throughout the past decade with 3.Paradis. It carries the echoes of our past while fervently celebrating the exhilarating adventures that await us in the future. We are grateful to be alive, so we’ve chosen to fly.” With this collection, Tchatchoua invites us to join him on this soaring journey, to embrace the unknown, and to carve our own paths in the pursuit of greatness.







Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.