Comme des Garcons Homme Plus SS24- Beyond Reality

Dear Shaded Viewers,

In a fashion landscape where hype often overshadows creativity, Comme des Garcons once again proves to be a refreshing beacon, taking us on a journey ‘Beyond Reality’ with her latest collection. True to the brand, the collection transcended the boundaries of ordinary fashion, offering a captivating experience that left an indelible mark.

The show was a feast for the senses, immersing the audience in various themes that ignited the imagination. It began with an expedition to the Amazon, as vibrant green rainforest prints adorned the garments, transporting us to the lush depths of nature’s paradise. The attention to detail in these pieces was impeccable, capturing the essence of another reality with a luscious print and intricate craftsmanship.

Continuing the voyage, Comme des Garcons presented reconstructed tailored pieces that defied convention. Blazers emerged with multicolored animal and floral motifs, injecting a burst of life into the dark canvas of black jackets. The juxtaposition of these vivid prints against the somber backdrop created a striking contrast.  Classic silhouettes were transformed into dynamic works of art.

Exciting for me were the long fringes cascading down blazers, resembling a waterfall in motion. This unexpected embellishment added movement and drama to the garments, enhancing their visual impact. Some pieces boasted wide white collars that was a play on geometry as always her work  transcends the boundaries of traditional tailoring.

The music composition by ADC 303 played a crucial role in transporting the audience ‘Beyond Reality.’ The evocative soundtrack intensified the immersive experience, complementing the garments’ themes and adding another layer of depth to the show. The synergy between the audio and visual elements truly transported viewers to a realm where imagination reigns supreme.

In a fashion world  preoccupied with commercial appeal, hype and celebrity culture, Comme des Garcons stands as a steadfast pillar of creativity and innovation. The show encapsulated the essence of Comme des Garcons’ visionary spirit. Once again, Rei has proven that in an industry dominated by hype, she will always be the one to carry the torch for creativity and take us beyond reality because she can.

Press notes:

In order to find a new world we have to go beyond reality


Headbands :Gary Card

Music Composition: ADC 303

Spatialised in 4DSOUND by William Russell, MONOM



Diane Pernet

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