Bold Elegance Meets Playful Whimsy on Steven Passaro’s SS24 Runway

Somehow I am sitting in a spot pressed up against the back wall which makes it look like each model is going to walk right into me as they come down the runway. They are so gorgeous that I almost wish they would. 
Steven Passaro’s designs are bold and ethereal- an artistic take on classic, simple, and striking elegance. He mixes straight, simple tailoring with poetic details like mesh gloves, socks, organza ties, eye-masks, and beautiful contrast stitching that sprinkle the collection with a sexy pinch of sophisticated whimsy. Amongst perfectly monochromatic suit looks and evening gowns,  pieces are printed with splashes of dramatic sunset hues that look like bleeding, spilled ink. This effect is replicated with patches of transparent layered plisse that feather out and off of the bust of a white evening gown like crackling fire. And again across the lapel of a men’s jacket, alluding to the shape of a low cut dress, or something from within trying to come out. 

Together the collection is a bit like the interpretation of a paint palette with some pigments still wet and bleeding into one another; Others dry and crackling off to reveal the smooth finish underneath. As if Passaro was inviting us to peek inside his mind, atelier, closet, and desires at once- and in turn, inviting the viewer to look deeper inside themselves.




Rianna Murray

American in Paris. Interested in Art and Fashion.