New York – Ron Poisson, creative director of Cult of Individuality joins forces with lower east side artist Kyle Brincefield

“If you think about it, New York City is a Cult of Individuals. It changes the way you not only view the world but yourself. You face your own set of trials and tribulations and come across some pretty sketchy people along the way—but those experiences make you stronger. The city can be a scary place, but it is also nurturing. It’s a dream-making machine. It helps you find yourself—your style. The people you meet along the way shape their life and the city to fit their own individual styles. Always remember—you’re only as good as the company you keep. Surround yourself with the people that embrace your individuality, not those that would prefer you fit into societal norms.” – Ron Possion, Founder of Cult of Individuality

Since 2009, Cult of Individuality has forged a reputation as the Jeansmith to the One, the Misfit, the Dreamer, the Trailblazer, the Contrarian, and the Upstart. Each a Cult of their own. Cult of Individuality caters to the individuals that live their lives unapologetically, and dress for themselves—not for others.

For Fall/ Winter 2023 Cult of Individuality founder and Creative Director Ron Poisson joined forces with designer Kyle Brincefield, a lower east side artist, and designer who creates customized looks for celebrated talent including Miley Cyrus, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Gigi Hadid, Machine Gun Kelly and more.

The two brands have come together to create a collection that embodies the spirits of downtown rebellious individuality. The collection features a range of denim pieces, from jeans to jackets, all stamped with Brincefield’s signature one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

“I was thrilled to collaborate with Cult of Individuality on this collection. Our brands share a passion for pushing boundaries and creating pieces that truly stand out.” – Kyle Brincefield, Founder of Stud Muffin

The collection is comprised of fourteen pieces from the ultimate Lounge Warrior Robe, the classic Cult Type II denim jackets, punk super skinny jeans, punk super skinny short, the crew neck pull overs w in Ganja, and skulls embellished with Brincefield signature conical spikes and a logo full zip hoodie and sweatpants. Accessories include knit skull caps, ski masks, and mesh trucker hats.

“I loved working with Kyle on this collaboration, he has a keen sense of design aesthetic that fits perfectly with Cult of Individuality – I’m looking to see these pieces on stages all over the world,” said Ron Poisson.

Cult of Individuality X Kyle Brincefield

Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.