Enfants Riches Déprimés AW23-24: An ode to singularity


Smoke in the air. Livid gamblers. The Queens native underground rap band The Beatsnuts is on full blast. This season, Enfants Riches Déprimés continues to immerse us into a time capsule – when all you had left was a pack of cigarettes and your 7k€ couture embroidered leather jacket.


The collision of textures, symbolic cultural references, and adoration for leather arouse us. LA-based designer Henry Levy sublimates the “elitist punk” brand positioning throughout the collection. A new world order is reinterpreted – a hybrid duo claiming the destroyed underground subculture and the exuberance of wealth. 


On the runway, mad teenagers, who most likely failed to get a raise on their 10k monthly allowance from their parents, are parading energetically. The young label envisioned straight outta rave looks, exalting leather as an ornament, military-inspired cuts, and monochrome patterns. The designer demystified the anecdotic army uniform, unveiling an oversized red suit accessorized with trinkets and medals. Mad crush.

Enfants Riches Déprimés reaffirms its unisex essence this season: platform heels for everyone – cutting short gender stereotypes and allowing everyone to express their individuality. 

Melissa Alibo

Raised between Paris and the rest of the world, Melissa likes to define herself as a contemporary nomad. Less routine, more life is her motto. Curiosity has always driven her desire to explore new environments, cultures, and ways of life.