An interview with Samuel J Buttery, star of the musical Cabaret at the Lido 2 in Paris


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Dear Shaded Viewers,

Thanks to my friend Daniel Lismore I had the great opportunity to meet the star of Cabaret, Samuel J Buttery, after the performance at the Lido2 in Paris. With a few more days to go…Samuel Buttery was born August 1991 in Marsdon Green, Birmingham, UK and like many from a small town her dream was to leave. As a teen Samuel wrote down all the things she wanted to achieve and years later at Samuel’s father’s house she saw that all that had been written had been achieved. Samuel has had no formal training, if you don’t count the ballroom lessons, and basically is self-taught. Samuel used to watch and listen to videos of songs and copied them. Drama school rejected Samuel so no proper training just doing it.

From 13-16  Samuel was part of a gospel choir, even though she was not from the Caribbean, it was a Caribbean Gospel Choir, and gay, they embraced her. “I grew up in a little town outside of Birmingham and I just didn’t fit there and I used to have my little Walkman and my tapes with the music that I’d make myself and I’d sit and listen to my music and I’d say “One day, One day I’ll be somewhere that isn’t here and it kept me going. Now I’m here and it happened, it came true.” said Samuel.

In 2012 Samuel met Daniel Lismore, wrote to him and asked if he would like to be friends, Daniel said yes, “I’m going to this thing at Tate Modern tonight”. They met there Daniel introduced Samuel to Boy George who was in the process of making a production Tabu and cast Samuel to play Leigh Bowery. What an amazing beginning and now the star of Cabaret and soon in 5 episodes of an upcoming series on Netflix, Chaos with Jeff Goldblum playing Zeus, the series is a re-telling of Greek Mythology.

Listen to the interviews for more information. I made my friend Marco de Rivera try on one of the gorilla heads for the photo.



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