John James, Shamanic Ceremonialist Honour Thy Lovers will take over the gallery space at OFR Bookshop February 23 + 24. Details about the retreat in Peru in October 31- November 12th

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Shamanic Ceremonialist, John James is celebrating her 40th birthday this February. She will be taking over the gallery space at the OFR Bookshop in Paris on February 23 (The ceremonial day of passing and the moon) and 24 (The ceremonial day of dawn and the sun) to hold two days of open ceremony as a gift to all of you who have shown support for her over the years. If you are in Paris, you may come at any time and offer your wishes to the bowl, ask for a short guidance sitting or energy cleanse and if you are abroad, feel free to send John James your words, which she will write on and offer on your behalf to the sacred fire to be burned, activated and buried for the year to come.

In addition to the offerings there will be a retreat held in Peru from October 31- November 12th. Please click on the link below for full details.

“Years in production, it is with great pleasure that this bridging
of worlds and trusted relationships is being offered to you.
A frontier meeting of knowledge merging the ceremonial
practice of HTL, the joyful heart-led way of Paje Bire and
his family of the Huni Kuin Kaxinawa Tribe alongside the
transformational energy and medicine of Casa de la Madre in

stunning Yarinacocha (Pucallpa), Peru.” John James

Click on this link for complete details:–j/view


Diane Pernet

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