Guillaume Henry for Patou A/W 2023 showed his best collection for the house to date

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I first met Guillaume Henry when he was graduating the Paris based fashion school Duperre. There was a competition in Switzerland at GWAND. Disciple Films and I were commissioned to make short films of the designers competing for the 100,000 EUROS prize. We visited him in his apartment and since that day his career has taken off and the general opinion of today’s show was that it was his best to date for Patou. Prior to Patou, where he’s been since 2018, there was Paule Ka (2005-2009), Carven (2009-2014), Nina Ricci (2014-2018). Part of the success of Guillaume Henry is that he’s always designed for his friends and what they would like to wear and be able to wear. Clearly that seems to be the key to his success. Prior to today he’s shown the Patou Collection in their HQ, today it was at the top of the Samaritaine department store where I would imagine his collection will be ringing up the cash registers.



Diane Pernet

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