A dialogue between Alexandre Baldrei and Marco de Rivera

Alexandre Baldrei Photo : Carole Bellaïche

Vent Rouge by Alexandre Baldrei

MDR – What would be your greatest misfortune?

AB- To live for something smaller than me.

MDR- And your greatest happiness?

AB—-greatest happiness:

To annihilate the spirit of security for the spirit of adventure.

MDR — and your adventure today?

“Red Wind”…

AB —- the spirit of adventure is to break redundancy, for forms as for behaviors.

MDR- What you appreciate the most in yours friends?

AB- Their power of wandering…

AB —- their wandering power… that power that says the life within them refuses to be locked up.

MDR – Liberty darling? … at what price?

AB—You have to be able to play your skin to preserve your wandering power.

MDR – the military fact that you appreciate the most?

AB- Their béchamel

MDR- The military fact has a current resonance now-days.

MDR—- Their béchamel ? 

AB- I wouldn’t know what else to say….

“History is always suspect because it is always the story of the victors”.

Walter Benjamin.

AB- in a war yes, the question is to know the history that we retain at the expense of all the stories..

4-your favorite composers?

AB- Those who find

under the music the sound.

MDR — Are you thinking about?

AB – John Cage, Morton Feldman, Ellen Fullman, Phil Niblock, Rioji Ikeda.

MDR- what would you like to be above all?

AB- The rhythm of a

air flow.

MDR —- A repetitive rhythm or?

The ticking of time passing. The death ?

or eternity…

AB — the tic tac is obviously death

The rhythm of a desert is more interesting.

Marco de Rivera

Education :

– 2007 DNSEP Art, HEAR Strasbourg, avec félicitations du jury.
– 2006 HFK Bremen, Allemagne (5 mois), Master class de Yuji Takeoka.
– 2005 DNAP Art, HEAR Strasbourg, avec félicitations du jury.
– 2000/2002 Séminaires d’histoire de l’art de Didier Semin, ENSBA Paris
– 1999/2002 Séminaire de phénoménologie d’Alain Bonfand, ENSBA Paris
– 1998-2000 Licence de Philosophie Paris I

Professional Experience:

– 2004 / 2009 Assistant pour Vladimir Skoda, sculpteur, Paris/ Le Montel/Spoletto
– 2004 / 2007 Assistant pour Jean-Marc Bustamante / Bustamante studio Paris,Nancy


– HIAP, Helsinki, Finlande (3 mois), 2012
– A.U of Pusan, Corée du Sud (12 mois), 2009

Group Exhibitions :

– 2021 « Fête des voisins », POCTB Orléans,
– 2012 « Gute Nacht », CEAAC, Strasbourg.
– 2007 « Roundabout », Luxembourg, Capitale Européenne de la Culture,
– 2007 «Marion Bataillard / Alexandre Baldrei», Le Store, Strasbourg,
– 2007 «Equipe 1», Galerie K4, Saarbrücken (Germany), Marion Bataillard, Bénédicte Zanon, Angelo Cardinale,
– 2006 « Pilgerfahrt », Kulturbahnhof Eller, Yuji Takeokas’masterclass, Düsseldorf,
– 2005 « La Chaufferie de Descartes », avec Franco Vaccari et Vladimir Skoda, La Chaufferie, HEAR Strasbourg

Solo Exhibitions :

– 2022 «L», Galerie Salon H, Paris 6
– 2014 «Le corps du Chef», Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris/Berlin
– 2012 «Ersatz», HIAP, Helsinki, Finlande,
– 2011 «One +», CEAAC, Strasbourg, France,
– 2009 «One», Galerie Art in Ori, Pusan, Corée
– 2009 «Zéro», Galerie Faux-Mouvements, Metz

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