Skateboard Icon turned Artist is having his first solo show in 5 years at the Medium Exchange Gallery in Chelsea district, New York City opens June 10th

Steve Olson on @skatebuilt photo by @tsherms location Hemet, California 6-30-19

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My dear friend Steve Olson is having his first solo show in five years at Medium Exchange Gallery New York.


Helping to birth professional skateboarding, Olson transitioned into the role of self taught artist creating works since the 1980’s. “And for decades, his life has converged at the intersection where surfing, skating, music, fashion and art meet”.

In the past 3 years Steve Olson has developed his own style of Contemporary Modernism a form of action painting and will be showing his work in a solo show for the first time in five years at Medium Exchange Gallery in West Chelsea June 10th, 2022. 526 W 26TH STREET STUDIO 517 NY NY 10001

Diane Pernet

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