Balenciaga campaign starring BFRND, Kat Zhang, Kim Kardashian and models Marie-Agnès Diene and Tommy Blue photographed by Stef Mitchell

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Starting on April 7th, 2022, a new installment of Balenciaga’s multi-phase campaign photographed by Stef Mitchell will be released in several waves. Photo and video portraits, as well as still life snapshots feature friends of the brand with a selection of its iconic products.

Kim Kardashian, musician BFRND, buyer Kat Zhang, and models Tommy Blue and Marie-Agnès Diene are captured in ready-to-wear and accessories that represent Balenciaga’s signature silhouettes and pieces, including Le Cagole boots and bags, the Bistro Tote, Falkon Boots, Stretch Knee and Pantaleggings, Twisted and Slip dresses, the Space Shoe, B-Coin and Cut earrings, hoodies, and oversized denim separates.

To be continued…



Diane Pernet

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