Y/Project goes from rounded silhouettes to skin tight Trompe-l’oeil nude body looks, Glenn Martens wants to have fun.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The location of the show was practically outside of Paris in what looked like a storage space or an abandoned railroad track. What I especially liked was the outerwear and the head wraps. The sound track was quite imposing as models walked down the long industrial space wearing Trompe-l’oeil nude bodies on both men and women.  Genders and  patterns overlapped in  ‘wrapped’ pieces. Logos appear on a clip that deconstructs the garment. Another innovation is a new form of trousers, the Banana, with a rounded cut. The Y/Project collection continues with a range of eco-responsible pieces. For the past few seasons his evening wear gets stronger and stronger, the two pieces I thought the strongest were the black and white slinky cut away at the torso dress and the puce colour dress with a huge teardrop of an opening on the torso. Definitely ready for the red carpet.

On 26 January, Glenn Martens will present a collection for the fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier. This connection continues with a collaboration between Y/Project and the ready-to-wear line named after the French couturier.  Early in Glenn Martens’s career he worked for JPG so it is a nice growth cycle to see him designing the couture collection.



Diane Pernet

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