Dear Shaded Viewers,

The first time I saw Lazaro was when he was dancing in Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Fashion Freak Show”. He was playing Josephine Baker in a banana skirt and when he appeared there was no one else on stage. His presence and his movement was spectacular. After the show I went backstage to say hi to Rossy de Palma who was in that night’s performance. There was a crush of people running back stage to congratulate Jean Paul Gaultier and the cast. Lazaro saw me and asked if I wanted to see Rossy and pretty much cleared the path to let me through.

Since then I’ve watched how he lives his life on IG and often re-post his images. We met the other day at Cafe Beaubourg to discuss his collaboration with the next edition of ASVOFF at 35/37. Click the first link above to listen to our chat.



Mon film 21

Diane Pernet

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