Costumes for the main characters of Vertinsky created by the talented Russian designer Svetlana Tegin

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Svetlana in Paris when she was presenting her collection, since then we met in Moscow and again in Istanbul and who knows where we will meet next. I visited her in her showroom in Moscow and even in her home. She is always on my mind as I wear her coats in the spring and in winter. Please find a video about her creations for the TV series “Vertinsky”.

A short movie about the process of costumes’ creation  for the TV series “Vertinsky” (about the famous Russian chansonnier of the beginning of the last century) was shot throughout the year not only during fittings, but also on set in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Budapest.

Series tell about the artist’s life and cover the historical period from 1915 -1957.  All costumes of the main characters, including Vera Kholodnaya and Marlene Dietrich, were designed by fashion designer, movie costume designer Svetlana Tegin and were sewn at the Tegin Fashion House.

The film was created in collaboration with director Elena Medina.



Diane Pernet

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