A chat with 19 year old shoe designer PHILEO at 35/37 till September 19th

Dear Shaded Viewers,

A chat with 18 year old designer Phileo who has just produced his 3rd collection. He has been designing and creating shoes and clothes since he was 15. Creativity surrounded him from birth with a family of painters, sculptors, authors and philosophers. He set up his first company Bunker Scootering with designer Flavien Mollard in 2015. He interned at Celine in 2017 with Phoebe Philo. Sneakers has always been his passion and has been collecting them since he was 14 like an extension of himself. “The lines and curves of the shoes stimulate my eye, just like those of a beautiful car.” PHILEO was launched in 2019 in ancient Greek that means “I love”. “It is in this spirit that I want to create, surrounded by people I love, who inspire and accompany me to nourish my projects.” “PHILEO is a collaborative brand drawn from all generations to shape a universe that nevertheless feels like me, whose values are: a strong awareness of the environment, of sharing and of synergy between subjects, PHILEO is my passion that transforms my emotions into a collection.” Phileo.



35/37 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75004 Paris

Diane Pernet

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