Utopia in a collection that flowed like water through a desert of cacti and roses…Kim Jones for Dior in collaboration with Travis Scott

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It was like a magical mystery tour through fields of giant white roses and oversized cactus merging both the memory of Christian Dior’s childhood gardens with Travis Scott’s roots in Texas. It also refers to Monsieur Dior’s 1947 American odyssey in Texas. Scott, the musician that embodies the esoteric fashion attitude of the social-media culture, hails from Texas where the skies are pink and the landscape is populated with cacti.

In 2017 Jones kick-started the whole idea of collaborations when he was at Louis Vuitton and collaborated with skate wear giant, Supreme. However the collaboration this season with Scott was different. They worked together on the actual creation of the collection. It worked so seamlessly that it reminded me of the Bruce Lee “be water” quote. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APx2yFA0-B4. 

The immaculate tailoring of Kim Jones for Dior was embellished with western, cowboy style metal buttons acting as  trim running down the sides of the trousers and sleeves. The House of Dior’s toile de Jouy was reworked with desert flowers and rattlesnakes making it cactified. There was another collaboration in the form of a series of hand-painted shirts by the artist George Condo that will be auctioned off to raise money for scholarships for a new generations of designers. Travis started a foundation for kids to go to Parsons without being hounded by hundred-grand debt that makes digging out from under extremely difficult. Both Travis and Kim were in agreement that they both wanted to provide money to help the students.







Diane Pernet

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