Boramy Viguier- About the Future thinking in the present SS 2022

Video by Samuel RIxon & Boramy Viguier
VFX by Lucien Krampf & Stanislas Becot
Produced by Cinq Etoiles Productions
Origianl score by Clement Hateau
End Credits Soundtrack: Heartbreaker, Tony Calligaris & Ski Ryland

An exclusive conversation with Boramy Viguier, founder of Boramy Viguier, for Paris Fashion Week®. Production: Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode / Kitten / Sheriff / Why So Serious Productions.

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Boramy is rooted in the present and the year that we all went through made him reflect on his relationship to the death of oneself as well as the death of a nation and a death of a civilization.

For his short film he merges all eras and countries with 28 nomads travelling, running in slow motion letting the eyes focus on the silhouettes.

Listen to the video where Boramy is interviewed by FHC.



Diane Pernet

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