Ludovic de Saint Sernin launches Made To Order Swarovski items

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Ludovic is pleased to announce their new ‘‘Made To Order’’ service, available now on
This new service is a celebration of the craftsmanship that goes into the pieces the Paris based atelier makes with Swarovski crystal mesh.

« I have been working with Swarovski Crystal mesh for a while now, the material has become part of the brand’s DNA.
Over the last couple of years we started developing group of super high end customers that consider themselves as LdSS collectors. The pieces they’re are mostly attracted to are these one of a kind crystal mesh pieces. It only made sense for us to launch a page on our e-com dedicated to the exceptional looks that made us so recognizable.
Up until now we’ve managed these purchases directly with our clients and I wanted to make it easier and as simple as going on our e-commerce and shopping on our made to order section. It’s the easiest way to start new relationships with clients that want to access this part of the brand.
Now we can satisfy a wider range of clients, on our e-commerce you can buy a Swarovski Crystal Necklace at 90€ or the Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Dress at 13000€ ! » Ludovic de Saint Sernin

Custom orders started developing in a very confidential and organic way with requests from artists such as Miles Greenberg and VICs started ordering runway pieces from all over the world from Mexico, United States to Australia.
These pieces have not only became part of the image of the brand but also a commercial success which is why it was important for Ludovic to finally launch a page on the e-commerce so that anyone could have access to them.

How does the Made to order Service work?
Once you place your order through our website our team will get in touch with the client to guide them through the measurement taking process. Once we have all the clients information and requests, the atelier will work on the custom piece.
Each garment will be made to order specifically for every client by a member of the team who is dedicated to creating these pieces. The process takes a couple of months depending on the complexity of the piece.

It was Ludovic’s dream to launch a page dedicated to these exceptional pieces and it’s now available for anyone to live their fantasy in LdSS.



Diane Pernet

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