Page coloring CAMIEL FORTGENS SS2021 – Text by OG

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

Be it during today’s challenges or post-recovery in summer 2021, no one could facilitate and compile a stronger pièce de resistance than Camiel Fortgens: each sample designed in Amsterdam reflects the studio’s ability to focus, and more remarkably, to catalog an entire collection.

White poplins and ecru canvases are the main materials – from time-to-time black poplin joins – shading a promising garden-fresh season. This slight challenge for buyers arises when their autopilot shopper does not suffice (to order Camiel Fortgens you will have to think at least twice “how delightful is that?”). Combining fabric swatches with its corresponding neutral sample creates a deeper union between the collection and its authorized dealers: stores will market products handpicked on behalf of their client’s wishes. Moreover, to surprise them all in both arenas, online and offline are redefining exclusivity – plus with an unseen and empowering story.

The fascinating and persistent method of raw detailing each piece transforms them in peculiar ways; the bonus being it will also deter retailers from questioning page coloring for spring-summer 2021. A cropped ecru woven polo with a bi-color (mustard-red) collared rib is a heartthrob when worn with an oversized black poplin folded suit pant (another signature of the brand). This soft, breezy look is reminiscent of a Spanish sports summer in the 70’s, floating in the Cantabrian Sea though still argumentative. And when combined with the additional skirt, be on guard, for a shining Olympic delegate seems to have chosen a raw couture silhouette to represent not only her home country but also a brand that slowly infiltrates worldwide into artisanal womenswear (note: skirts and dresses are unisex in this house).

The thread weaving all garments into one portfolio of timeless beauty is also the one weaving them into the body, therefore discounting any opportunity for separation. Carrying them is a caress from excellent-quality fabric. A distinct eye for premium materials are (corduroys, cotton gabardines, Macintosh’s, etc)., in the end, what makes their pieces the perfect investment for a picky gang of clientele members. Integration of all the pieces feels neither like an extension nor an insertion, but rather a fresh and kind intervention to balance extremities during summer time.

Last July, the Amsterdam design studio Camiel Fortegns B.V. catapulted its new spring-summer proposal into Tokyo (Japan), where sales took place for the regional markets. Concurrently, the executive gesture of shipping fabric books to its distributors in other continents brings to light their warm customer service. Since day one, retailers have received gratifying nurturance from this creative family.

Take a bow, Amsterdam!


Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz.

Available at CAMIEL FORTGENS@camielfortgens

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