PHIPPS International x Oceanic Global Campaign by HEROES

On the occasion of Paris Fashion Week, HEROES powers a wide-audience digital fundraising campaign launched along “Endurance”, a trailer film shot in Iceland by conscious fashion brand PHIPPS International to benefit Oceanic Global, an NGO committed to ocean preservation. 

In close partnership with creative industries, HEROES disrupts the established philanthropy model with its virtuous, simple, easy and viral fundraising and communication tool, geared towards NGOs as well as brands and entertainment figures.

As philanthropic commitment proves itself essential more than ever for public figures and organizations, HEROES makes it happen and create immediate impact !

Comment of the designer  Spencer Phipps on the collaboration: ‘I am really excited to extend the message of our collection to real world application by partnering with a cause that is working for positive change” 

Working with internationally renowned institutions such as WHO Foundation, Olympic Refuge Foundation, Abracadabra Festival x Blond:ish x Bye Bye Plastic or Togetherband, HEROES is fundraising’s 2.0 solution.

About Heroes :

HEROES started from a simple observation: there is a whole generation of young people wanting to contribute to make the world a better place and have an impact but lacking the right tools to fulfill this need. 

To bring change to this institutional world, Sebastien Heimann founded HEROES, a purpose-driven, bespoke platform that enables non-profit organizations to create customized fundraising campaigns with the smoothest user experience: One click, 3 simple steps, no login, following the motto : “it takes 5 seconds to change the world, do something!”.

HEROES operates both Online (on websites and all social media) and Offline (with QR Codes and NFC products) and aims to reach the donors where they are. 

The company now works with a large number of brands, agencies, personalities, talents to create meaningful partnerships and memorable campaigns, raising awareness and driving impact on various causes all around the world.

PHIPPS International 
Diane Pernet

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