The New Beautiful-Ugly Shoe is arriving in town – Nike Air Zoom Type SE “Sail”

Nike recently released a new twist on their Nike Air Zoom. The base model for this new style, Zoom Alphafly NEXT% had gained a spotlight earlier this year because of its unusual look, a look that was not so cherished by the Nike spectator.

This new release, Air Zoom Type SE is going harder on an unusual aesthetic of the brand. The design seems to be reporting from the aesthetics of luxury ‘ugly shoes’, more evidently from a couple of Gucci footwear, with a more down to earth, high-street feel to them.

The ‘ugly shoe fan’ is a whole species in fashion, ugly as in not yet canonical or hegemonic, commercial? Most exciting designer shoes that fall under this category have always tended to be very expensive and inaccessible. (See Prada creepers Spring 2011). But ever since circa 2018, Nike has released models and collaborations that proudly fall into this category, with more accessible price tags, non as accessible aesthetics. But we love that. We stan that.

This beauty-ugly babies will be available soon and will retail for $150 USD  at select retailers and



Air Zoom Type SE




Ivo Barraza Castaneda

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