Kenneth Ize by Loic Prigent at Palais de Tokyo

Filmed in the beginning of october 2020, before the second lockdown in France.

KENNETH IZE HAD A TRIUMPH FIRST FASHION SHOW IN PARIS IN FEBRUARY! It’s unfair that the Covidaggedon blocked the possibility of a second fashion show which would have been the TOAST OF PARIS FASHION WEEK! But voilà, here is Kenneth Ize with a poetic presentation! Jefferson Fouquet did the flowers!

Maty Biayenda did the live painting performance! It was a beauty to watch! I hope you get a glimpse of the purity and radicality of this moment though this video diary!

Filmé avec Julien Da Costa

Son : Clément Duché

Montage par le Konstantin Maslakov qui sera beau dans ces rayures néon!

Editorial: Sellia Produit par Natacha Morice pour DERALF (Divertissant Et Révoltant A La Fois) Contact : Music : Audionetwork!

Diane Pernet

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