MATTY BOVAN SPRING SUMMER 2021 – LFW – Text by Ivo Barraza Castaneda

Matty Bovan stays true to his exploration of abstract visions with the video presentation of his latest Spring Summer 2021 collection, Entitled F.O.E., Future Olde England.

Matty Bovan’s work, this collection included, is all about reimagining the way dress is considered. He challenges the low resolution idea of body and costume and expands it to new unexplored territories. Viewed from absolutely contemporary shades, if you want. You can think of him as an improved version of what a baby born from Westwood and Kawakubo would look like. Just to start with, the way he uses the  3D version  of his logo/signature is for sure going to make your heart skip a beat.



The video presentation is an abstract mix of the making process of his abstract collage aesthetic collection. The most interesting watching the collection is whenever you find some trace of very current aesthetics in the middle of his garments , like the little dragon panel dropped at the bottom of one of his looks. In general, it is whenever you find images that you can almost recognize. It creates a form of dialog between his deep form of abstraction and the spectator.

One thing must be acknowledged and it’s the fact that to build a collection like this you really need to have a sophisticated eye which is not something that is very common. It only happens a few times  in every generation and the SS21 Matty Bovan collection is  proof of the fact that we are witnessing the results of a great artist of our generation.


You can watch the video presentation and the full collection on the links bellow:



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