Boramy Viguier Digital Paris Mens Fashion Week


A pagan congregation of supreme spiritual beings. Prophets on a quest for a better mind set. Helped by an enigmatic strength and rigidity, humans with fantastic powers. I don’t like to ignore reality. But I want to reinvent an emergency escape Universe of my own. I wanted to create for myself, wonderful characters, to aspire to. Imagining them to be immensely wise with a sacred value : peaceful yet intimidating crusaders. I imagine ghost spirits, all dressed up, attending aceremony. Clerical looks with a variety of familiar menswear fabrics, light summer wool, checks, classic patterned knits… Fused with romantic, rural and bucolic flower prints, fantasy sci-fi crocodile vinyl, divinatory shiny materials. Creating a complex and paradoxical character that would need the help of a squire to dress up and be ready to brave a spiritual journey.

I found our society lacking in spirituality. Local rituals, paganism, ancestral custom are relevant answers to the Religion of maximalism and publicity that dominates our way of living. I have recently learned that paganism is from the Latin “pagus” for “outside civilization”. Imagination and
mind expansion are the only way to escape it.

© Boramy Viguier
Sound Design Kamal El Aoufi
Featuring Enchantment by The Melody Mates, Nix Records – 45-100, 1960, USA, Published by Fiore Publishing Co.
Video Pierre Petit
Models Victor Koehler & Dixy Andrade
L.S.F Interpreter Laurence Koehler


– Boramy Viguier

Diane Pernet

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