Steve Olson responds to the Amabie challenge and it is an artistic breakthrough. More illustrations and soon you will make the People’s Choice. Stay tuned.

Steve Olson “I love it live”

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Soon I will gather all of the short listed illustrations and paintings and put them on this site and let you, Shaded Viewers, decide who you choose is the best. There are so many great Amabies…

Also I want to thank two schools that contributed greatly to this Amabie challenge: Istituto Marangoni and Naba.

My wish is that with all these great interpretations of the healing monster is that they will do their work and this pandemic will subside, till then do take care and do not pretend that because lockdown is over for many of us that anything has changed, it has not. So practice social distancing, wash your hands and wear a mask, the mask is respect for others and if you respect others you respect yourself.



Diane Pernet

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